Engineer for Cloud AI Platform

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Company Overview

Come join a top-notch analytics team using AI to optimize manufacturing plant operations in real time. Genesis is our IoT platform deployed at multiple plants for a Fortune 100 manufacturer. It processes their factory data in real time with proprietary AI algorithms to increase plant uptime while also reducing maintenance costs. It’s cognitive diagnostics engines enable junior technicians to do the work of senior techs. The platform technology is based on Georgia Tech research in the IoT/AI/ML technical verticals that has produced proprietary data modeling algorithms and methodologies driving automated decision science frameworks. We are located adjacent to the Georgia Tech campus with offices at Tech Square, mid-town Atlanta.

Job Description

We are seeking junior engineers from a variety of disciplines who have a passion for applying their skills in data analytics. Applicants are required to have some training and/or experience in at least one of the following areas:

Applicant will be a member of an accomplished analytics team serving world-class manufacturing operations. You will use your engineering expertise (one or more of the bullets above) to help the team build and refine models for predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions. You will be expected to use their expertise to interpret structured, semi structured and unstructured data sets in context of the equipment or maintenance process being monitored. You will determine and extract the relevant features in customer data, and use these features to train Genesis’ machine learning models. If qualified, they can also investigate advanced techniques in statistical modeling with the goal of enhancing the platform and its algorithms. Applicants should have strong skills in explaining and interpreting analytic outputs in the context of the equipment and process involved. While working on our projects, you will be expected to gain domain knowledge of customer, their equipment and process.



Required Qualifications

Soft Skills


We are a fast growing company and there is great opportunity for advancement. We will tend to promote from within because the expertise you will acquire around AI/ML will make you uniquely qualified!

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