Front End Developer for AI Platform

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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Front End Developer for AI Platform

Company Overview

Join a top-notch analytics team now solving real world problems in manufacturing with Genesis, our proprietary AI/ML big data platform that processes factory data in real time. Our platform is proven, and we have deployed Genesis to our enterprise-grade customer operations. Genesis has been proven to increase plant uptime while reducing maintenance costs. It’s cognitive diagnostics engines enable junior technicians to do the work of senior techs. Genesis enables real-time continuous monitoring of factory equipment and process data across all plant to increase uptime and reduce associated maintenance costs. The platform technology is based on Georgia Tech research in the IoT/AI/ML verticals that has produced proprietary data modeling algorithms and methodologies driving automated decision science frameworks. Offices at Tech Square, 5th Street, mid-town Atlanta.

Job Description

We are looking for a full stack developer who can assist our data science team in updating and maintaining our current dashboard system, which has to input, report and visualize all results. As a front end developer, you will be responsible for:

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