About DecisionIQ, Inc.

We've proven that the promise of AI can work in factory operations. After successfully completing field trials at an enterprise class manufacturer, our Genesis Decision Support System is now being deployed across multiple plants. An AWS cloud solution, it monitors entire plants asset by asset, minute by minute. It then accurately predicts asset failures, schedules their preventative repair during planned outages, and provides diagnostics to technicians that suggest the repair method required. All of this is automated in Genesis' decision making, without a human in the loop.

Come join us in Atlanta! We have contracts to deploy Genesis, our AI based Decision Support Platform, to our enterprise customers in manufacturing. Genesis increases their plant uptime while reducing maintenance costs. Its cognitive engines enable junior technicians to do the work of senior techs. Genesis enables real-time continuous monitoring of factory equipment and process data across all plant to increase uptime and reduce associated maintenance costs. Based on university research, we have built a proprietary IoT/AI/ML pipeline that produces superior data modeling algorithms in real time that then drive automated decision science frameworks to guide plant operations. We're based at the ATDC, Tech Square, in mid-town Atlanta.

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